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How to Get Help / Submit a Ticket
How to get help or submit a ticket
How to get help or submit a ticket
There are a couple of ways to request help. We outline them here.
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Requesting help is now much easier with BuildYourSite.

We've added a couple of ways you can do this.

Option #1  - Chat Live
You can now chat live with our team, chatting live automatically creates a ticket in our system and at times we may not be able to respond in real time, but your conversation is saved and we're able to still assist you if you have to step away. 

To chat live, go to any page on our website and do this:

Option #2 - Submit a support ticket
You may want to use this option if your support issue is more complex and you want to provide us with extensive details about your situation. In this scenario, we provide a form that allows you to provide a subject and more details.

To submit a ticket, go to our contact page and do this:

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