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Apple Mail Configuration Tips

Contact our support team and ask them for your mail server, you will need this in order to configure outlook.

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Based on the provided video transcript, here are the written instructions on how to configure Apple Mail:

Configuring Apple Mail

Launch Apple Mail:
- Open Apple Mail. At the top menu, click on "Mail," then choose "Add Account."

Select Account Type:
- From the options, select "Other" and click "Continue."

Enter Account Details:
- Replace the default name with the username for the account you are setting up. This is for a test account in this example.
- Enter the password for the account you've created.

Choose Account Type:
- It's recommended to use a POP account instead of IMAP. POP allows you to specify how long to keep mail on the server, which can be useful if you use multiple devices to access your email.
- Select POP as the account type.

Configure Mail Servers:
- Contact the support department for the specific incoming and outgoing mail server details for your account.
- Once provided, enter these details into the appropriate fields.
- Copy and paste the username from the account details section into the username field for both incoming and outgoing mail servers.

Finalize Account Setup:
- After entering all details, click "Sign In." You'll see that your mailbox is created and messages start to populate.

Adjust Outgoing Mail Settings:
- Go to "Mail" > "Settings," and select the account you've just set up.
- You may rename the description to your email address for ease of identification.
- Under the "Mailbox Behaviors" tab, adjust the setting for keeping mail on the server to your preference (e.g., one week, one month).

Configure Server Settings:
- Click on the "Server Settings" tab.
- Verify that the outgoing server details and username are correctly filled. No changes are needed if everything looks correct.

Final Adjustments:
- The primary modifications include updating the description with your email address and adjusting how long email is stored on the server (e.g., changing from one week to one month).
- It's advised not to set the storage duration to "Immediately" if you're using a mobile device, as this could prevent emails from being available on your device. A good compromise is setting it to one week or one month.

- Exit out of settings. Your Apple Mail account is now configured and ready to use.


This guide provides a step-by-step approach to setting up an email account in Apple Mail, including tips on choosing between POP and IMAP, adjusting mailbox behaviors, and ensuring your outgoing mail settings are correct. Remember to contact support for specific server details and adjust your mail retention settings based on your personal or professional needs.

Updated on: 04/03/2024

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