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Configure Microsoft Outlook 2019

Outlook Configuration Tips

Contact our support team and ask them for your mail server, you will need this in order to configure outlook.

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How to Configure Outlook 2019
Launch Outlook

Access File Option:
Click on the “File” tab located in the top-left corner.

Add Account:
Click on the option that says “Add Account”.
When prompted, enter the email address you want to configure.

Advanced Options:
Locate and click on the “Advanced Options”.
Select the option that says “Let me set up my account manually” and check its box.

Click the “Connect” button.

Select Account Type:
From the available options, it's recommended to select “POP”. This option removes emails from the server after storing them for a specified duration (e.g., 30 days).
Avoid selecting “IMAP” as it keeps the emails on the server indefinitely, which can fill up your storage space over time.

Server Configuration:
Input your mail server name. Note: If you’re unsure of your mail server name, contact your support team for this specific detail.
For demonstration purposes, the server name provided was "", but your server name will likely differ. Contact Support for your mail server.
Set the outgoing server to be the same as the incoming.

Port & Security Settings:

For the incoming mail server, use Port 110.
For the outgoing mail server, change the port to 587.
Set the encryption type to STARTTLS (ST TLS). (OUTGOING)

Confirm the following settings:
Incoming mail server
Incoming mail server port number (should be 110)
Outgoing mail server port number (should be 587)
Encryption method (should be STARTTLS)

Finalize Setup:
Click “Next”.
Enter the password for the email address you're configuring.
Click “Connect”.

Once completed, your account will be set up and ready to use in Outlook 2019.

We highly recommend that you use Gmail instead of Outlook
If you are interested here are the instructions Configure your business email on Gmail

Updated on: 10/24/2023

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