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Configure your business email on Gmail

Advantages of using Gmail:

You don't have to bother with Outlook or Apple Mail updates or bugs.

You can always access all your email on your desktop or mobile.

You don't have to worry about email storage issues.

Search, the ability to quickly search your email using Google's search.


We recommend setting up a new Gmail account.

Ability to check email from Gmail mobile device

Ability to set up multiple business emails in Gmail.

Items that you will need:

Outgoing mail server, get this from the support team

Existing Webmail login

Existing Email Address & Password

Prefer written instructions?

This guide will show you how to set up your business email on Gmail, offering a seamless experience across both desktop and mobile devices. Using Gmail can be a great alternative to programs like Outlook or Apple Mail.

Getting Started:

Set Up a New Gmail Account: It's recommended to start with a fresh Gmail account without any previous emails for a clean experience.

Gather Necessary Information:
Contact our support team to get your outgoing mail server details. You can chat with us or send an email directly from our website.
Ensure you have your existing webmail login credentials (email and password).

Configuring Gmail:

1. Access Settings:

Log into your new Gmail account.
Click on the settings (gear) icon, then select "See all settings".
Navigate to the "Accounts and Import" tab.

2. Add Your Business Email:

Click on "Add a mail account".
Enter the email address you wish to configure with Gmail.
Choose "Import emails from my other POP3 account" and click "Next".

3. Input Server Details:

For the username, use your full email address.
Enter your email password.
For the POP server, input the server details provided by our support team.
You can label incoming emails for better organization.
Click "Next".

4. Configure Outgoing Mail:

Choose the option to send mail using your domain name.
Input the same server details for SMTP as provided by our support team.
Ensure the port is set to 587.
The username should be your full email address, and then input your email password.
Click "Add Account".

5. Verify Your Email:

Gmail will send a verification code to your business email.
Access your business email, find the Gmail verification email, and copy the code.
Paste the code into the Gmail verification window and click "Verify".

6 Final Steps:

Once verified, you can set your business email as the default sending address in Gmail.
Test the configuration by sending an email to ensure it's coming from your business email.

Additional Information:

Gmail provides 15GB of free storage. If needed, they offer options to purchase additional storage at affordable rates.
You can set up advanced filters and organize your emails just like any other Gmail account.

Updated on: 09/12/2023

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